Gruesome Sunday morning mass slaughter—60 killed, no survivors

ST. ISIDORE’S BEACH — Just last Sunday, it has been reported that all 60 attendees of the 5:30 evening mass at the 1st Chora Catholic Church have been brutally murdered. The bodies were discovered when the spouse of a deceased attendee, who wishes to remain anonymous, noticed their partner had not returned home from the sermon and decided to look if something was wrong. Needless to say, they were met with a ghastly affirmation of their worries. Mutilated bodies littered the area, and the church was found in a devastated state.

We are currently waiting for a statement on how 1st Chora Catholic Church will address and repair the damages sustained, both physical and psychological. Police have been informed and as of now, the case is still ongoing. There is one suspect, but the case is nowhere near closed. The police report so far describes some eyewitness testimonies of erratic, oppositional behavior before the massacre and some cryptic evidence recovered from the scene that cannot be disclosed at this time.

If any of our readers want to come forward with any knowledge they may have about the case, don’t hesitate to email us at or call us at (484)555-2872. We will release updates as they come, and the church will be closed until further notice.

Callie sits by herself on a cold metal bench in front of the convenience store, holding the newspaper in one hand and blowing warm air on the other. When her smartphone dings, her now warm hand picks it up and she shivers while looking at her breath as it leaves her mouth. Somehow this cold is lonelier than in past years; maybe it's because she was just there that day with her parents during the noon mass. The break in routine is jarring, to say the least. The horn of a train rings out, coming and going while she places the newspaper on the bench next to her so she can fumble with the wooden rosary in her pocket.

It seems like other people have caught wind of the news too. The autumn night breeze blows Callie's hair into her eyes, but she can make out a text addressed to her. From Adam, it says:

Did you hear about what happened at the church? Want to check it out?

Do you want to check it out?